The CEI.BA is the company which operates the platform of Electronic Data Interchange maritime, port and customs of Guadeloupe since November 2002.

About CEI.BA

The Cargo Community System is orchestrated by SOGET SA, Le Havre in France, it is regulated by the French Customs, and all imported goods or exported are processed by the system.

The CCS AP+ is an electronic single window that optimizes, secures and orchestrates business processes among all stakeholders of the port logistics chain. This system increases the productivity of all stakeholders while meeting sustainable development goals by eliminating inefficient manual processes. It greatly cuts down on the unnecessary travel and movement of personnel, reduces the need for paper-based documentation and lastly, provides reliable, relevant and current information.

CEI.BA has two major maritime trade projects in the Caribbean: CLOVIS which aims to establish hubs of trade with CCS in the region and the BECCA project.